Wednesday, 22 February 2012

21 (and a half) Weeks!

Yesterday we had our "real" ultrasound. The one where it actually has a purpose besides being curious about your little one in there.  Unfortunately baby wasn't in a super cooperative mood, was a little too comfortable, and wouldn't face up. It even had its legs crossed ;)  They sent me for a walk and had me go up and down some stairs a few times in hopes that baby would do a flip. Nope. They were able to see everything else but the proper angle they needed for the heart  (to see all of its workings properly).  Now we'll have to go back in a few few weeks and hopefully get a better angle. The tech said I'm measuring about 22 weeks, which is pretty accurate I think. Doesn't look like my due date has changed yet!

This weekend we are off to Punta Cana where Ill be Maid of Honor in my friends wedding.  Hope the dress still fits when I get there ;)  I am super looking forward to the warmth and the sun. Even though we have been incredibly lucky with this winter being so nice, it is winter nonetheless.  When we get back it will be March and psychologically that makes it seem so much closer to spring.  Sadly, no all inclusive alcohol for me, I keep telling people i'll just be stuffing my face to make up for it. here's hoping I don't gain my monthly weight gain average in a week! Yikes.

 How far along?   21 Weeks (and a half)

Total weight gain? 10 lbs

Maternity clothes? I can still squeeze myself into some tops that are flowier or have an empire waist or are stretchy

Stretch marks?  No

Sleep?  Not terrible but not great. I get up 1-2 times a night and have to shift around a lot due to the ever present back and hip pain

Best moment this week? The husband feeling the baby move more and more.  He thought he felt it before but said this week it was "official". I can also sometimes see my belly bounce from the outside from the kicks :)

Miss anything?  Still wine, going up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath

Movement? So much at night that it sometimes keeps me up! I can now feel it sometimes in two places at once, my guess the baby's feet and hands! 

Food cravings? Burgers, Popcorn

Food aversions? Still the Omega 3 foods, although i made a great discovery!  I got some children's Omega 3 gummies at Costco called Iron Kids and they are awesome!  I kinda look forward to eating them, as they have no detectable fishy taste.  The adult dose is just eating three times as many. Yay me!

Labor signs? Nope

Symptoms? The only new thing is a lot more pressure from baby growing and pressing on different parts of my belly

Belly button in or out? In, starting to think that this pregnant lady wont get an outie....

Wedding rings on or off? On

Looking forward to?  Sunday's trip!

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  1. Hi! You look great! You'll love that you took all these pics and wrote updates coz once it's over, you forget everything!