Monday, 27 August 2012

So I am FINALLY getting around to writing a new post.  My baby is officially 2 months old!  In some ways it seems like just yesterday she was born, and in other ways it seems like a lifetime ago. We love our little peanut like crazy, but we have had a lot of challenges so far!

Ok here we go, in all honesty, life has been HARD.  Yes, it needed capitals.  As luck would have it, Teagan is extremely fussy, gassy, and has reflux. Most of my day is spent soothing her.  In the last few weeks a few things have gotten a bit better, but it's a sloooow change.  I feel like I have tried everything, cut out dairy for awhile, tried ovol, gripe water, slings, baby bjorn, every position imaginable. She was on ranitidine for the reflux but recently we stopped giving it to her since there wasn't a major improvement.  I feel so bad for her and it breaks my heart not being able to make her feel better :(  It is really hard for me to accept that she just has an immature digestive system and that I just have to wait things out.  I feel like I am counting down the days until she is 3 months, which is when colic is supposed to start to get better. This makes me sad too because she is only this little for so long.  I really really want to enjoy every stage that she goes through, but this stage is so hard.  We do have some good days, and that allows me to put some things in perspective a little.  I really have to work hard at pushing all my negative feelings away when they come up, because really, I have a beautiful, healthy baby who's new little smiles and coos make me melt.  She has quite the little personality emerging and it will be so neat to see what kind of person she becomes. I imagine as she becomes more aware of the things around her she will get a bit better at soothing herself, and her being uncomfortable with the gas and reflux will subside.  I am just taking it one day at a time, and trying to enjoy what is left of this summer with her.