Wednesday, 7 March 2012

From sand to snow

Sunday night we got back from my best friends wedding is Punta Cana.  We had a pretty awesome time, wedding was beautiful, and the weather was amazing!  It was so nice to be able to just walk out the door with a quarter the amount of clothes on.  The Dominicans seemed to take a big interest in my bump and they liked to give their predictions on whether it was going to be a boy or girl. So far, more votes for boy, although this is mostly based on the old wives tale that you carry all in the front for boys.
The hotel was beautiful, and HUGE.  I should probably be thankful it was and all of the walking involved (my poor feet! not used to flip flops!) since we were eating usually three huge meals a snacks.  I am not exactly sure of the amount of weight i gained since the scale I usually use is in need of a new battery (not my fault i swear)  but it seems to be 4-5 pounds in the last week or two. Yikes. Oh well, The eating was worth it..

Here is my 23 week quiz!  The pictures i'll post are from the beginning of the trip, but honestly I think the bump is pretty much the same as later in the week!

How far along? 23 weeks

Total weight gain? About 15 pounds....or close to it

Maternity clothes? Still wearing some regular stretchy or loose tops. Being short has its advantages, tops don't get too short as quickly!

Stretch marks? No

Sleep? Great on the trip! I think it was the bed being harder, but I was honestly waking up with almost no back pain. Amazing.  I could almost make it through the night with no peeing  (from the heat and getting dehydrated faster maybe....?)  Of course the first night I was home It was the same old story. Woke up today with my body feeling broken :(

Best moment this week? The whole week, really. Seeing my best friend get married, relaxing in the sand, sun, ocean. Comfortable sleep. Eating at all hours of the day. Sigh, what more could a girl (especially a pregnant one) ask for?

Miss anything? Not gonna lie, seeing people down those ice cold cervesa's was a little hard to watch. 

Movement? There is a constant party in my belly

Food cravings? Nothing major since i was eating so much variety of things, I was usually able to keep the cravings at bay. A few days i did crave chips though, until I bought a small can of overpriced pringles at the hotel "store".

Food aversions? Overly fishy tasting fish. Surprisingly there was quite a bit of this at the resort.

Labor signs? No

Symptoms? The returning back pain and noticing I am getting sock lines a little easier now....  :(I guess this is the start of water retention?) 

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Looking forward to? Getting started on decorating baby's room!

22-23 Weeks

22-23 Weeks

Hopefully within the next few days I will get more trip pictures sorted and up on the blog! Lots more to share :)

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