Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Homeland not Heartland

So last week, the husband and I were on Netflix, looking for a new show to get into. We come across a show called Heartland. I say "Oh I think this is the one that just won some awards on the Golden Globes this year"  So we decide to give it a go.  It was set in Alberta, and it was about horses. There were a lot of cowboy hats. After it was over we both looked at each other thinking, something doesn't seem right.  A show set in Alberta, about horses, winning awards?  I really tried my best to like it, but it was pretty bad.  I have nothing against horses. I actually do like riding them....... just not watching shows about them.  I said, "Isn't this show supposed to involve the CIA?"  We soon figured out that the Hollywood Foreign press had not gone crazy, and that the show we were actually looking for was called Homeland.  Well, at least I got part of the word right.  Just a warning to not make the same mistake we did, and save yourselves an hour of your lives to do something more productive, like making cheese fries.

Second OB appointment today!
Got to hear the heartbeat again!  The Dr. told me my blood test results came back all "normal and boring"  She has a quirky sense of humor. She also told me that the pre-screening tests for genetic abnormalities came back at 1 in 19000  which she said is an excellent number (she said 1 in 200 would be considered not good).  She even recommends a chiropractor for the hip pain I have been having. I am a little nervous about chiropractic work in general and being cracked. If my OB recommends it, I may be inclined to give it a try. Anything to relieve the pain I have been having sleeping on my side.

These are old pictures from ultrasounds taken at 8 weeks and at 14 weeks.  I decided I would post then since I won't have new ones for another 3 weeks.

our little blob at 8 weeks

14 weeks

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