Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas is coming!

So I decided that given I have a baby and Christmas is fast approaching I was going to get a head start on shopping for presents. I started already in the beginning of November and I'm glad I did! I have a little more than half done, and most of the rest I already know what I am getting so It shouldn't be too stressful to get it all done in time. Every year I have started shopping for the holidays a little earlier and it has made a big difference on feeling ready and not frazzled by last minute gift getting.  One thing I do to make gift giving easier is to really pay attention throughout the year to when someone makes a comment about something they like or something they need, I make a mental note of it. So when a birthday or Christmas comes up I go back to that little area of my brain (my long term memory that has not been affected by mommy brain!) that stores these comments and pull out an idea.

Now lets talk about Xmas decorations.  We haven't decided yet if we are going to do a tree this year. I know, this makes me sad, but my husband's reasoning is that we aren't having any of the family at our place this year, and with the baby, getting a real tree this year will be pretty messy. I guess it is one more thing to have to do, then clean up, and lets face it, we don't have a lot of free time in these parts lately.  There are just so many things i want to do related to the holidays and I don't think it will be realistic to do many of them.  While Teagan is getting a lot better, she is still pretty demanding and we are still working on figuring out the naps. Many times she only naps 40 minutes, and this makes it hard to start any project, never mind finish it. I may have to leave all of these big ideas I have until next year, sigh.  Hopefully though, then she will only have to nap once or twice a day and her naps will be much longer. Also she may be able to help me with things like decorating cookies!

Teagan is almost 5 1/2 months!  I am starting to really notice that she is catching on to things very quickly.  Last week i started balancing her on her feet. At first she didn't understand what she was supposed to do and kept bending her knees. Then, within a few days, she was putting pressure on them and balancing with me holding her.  She really likes her exersaucer and will now stand up in it herself.  I noticed too that her sitting is getting closer to her being able to do it on her own! she can sit and balance herself with her hands in the front, and can let go for a few seconds without falling over.  I am thinking that by xmas she may just be sitting all by herself!  We have been feeding her solids now for a little over a month and she loves her rice cereal. She smiles and kicks her feet and gets excited when she sees the bowl.  Any other foods we are still working on.  So far we have tries sweet potatoes, avocado, corn, green beans mixed with apple sauce and chicken. Chicken was the worst! she actually gagged and looked at us like we were crazy!  the corn probably went over the best.  I have also been trying to mix some of these with breastmilk and cereal to help her get used to the taste. A little more success this way!

I have quite a few new pictures that I have not gotten around to transferring to the computer, but they are on the way!