Sunday, 19 February 2012

Random week happenings....

I have been recently informed by the husband that since I've been pregnant, I have been "getting a bit weird"...... like I have been "trying to save the world". When I thought of the examples i thought, my god, he might be right...

- Carpooling to work the other day, there is me, yelling through the window at a lady that was dragging her poor extension cord, still plugged into her car. It made me happy to see her pull over in the rearview mirror and save that poor cord from it's misery.
- Same car trip ironically, I am informing the husband how he should be treating dumb people who don't know how to use the roundabouts.  He will just go ahead and drive through, if they are sitting there like idiots. I was telling him to use his horn to tell them to go when its their turn, otherwise they won't learn.
-Came home angry the other day because I witnessed some girl getting into someones unlocked car and stealing things. I tried to park right by her and have her notice me watching her, but she was oblivious.  Calling the cops would have done nothing, she would have been gone by the time they got there.  I was so frustrated that there was nothing I could do. It bothered me all night. However, now isn't the time to be a vigilante, being pregnant.
-The other day, was driving past a woman and her kid and noticed the woman dropped a bag she was carrying.  I tried, like a crazy person yelling out to her "You dropped your bag!" like a crazy woman several times, but she didn't hear.  Finally had to do a U turn and chase her down to let her know.

I have come to the realization that my organs are migrating. I hope they know where they are headed.  I felt what should have been something like intestinal pain the other day, maybe bloat.... except it seemed to me in my back.  Hmmmm.  No wonder pregnant women get scared over every little ache and pain. Our organs aren't where they should be anymore, so every little thing we feel is so damn confusing!  Thankfully my good friend Karen lent me her nursing text book on Maternity (this being after I learned i was pregnant and was convinced that there wouldn't be enough room for everything in there. "But where will it all go!?, I asked her.  Now I have a good reference since I am at that stage where my stomach is headed for my esophagus.

The husband felt the baby move "officially" for the first time the other night.  So many times i would say, "Quick!  put your hand here!" and he would, and it would stop.  Finally he gets to share a new kind of joy with me and I think for a father, this is when it starts becoming real.

I think my husband is trying to hide my favorite measuring cup on me again.  Well maybe not exactly hide..... but I think he is putting it inconveniently out of reach in the cupboard. He did this once before, and I think it's happening again.  You see, it is made of plastic. My husband is convinced that by using it I am going to become poisoned with harmful plastics that will leech out into whatever I am using it for.  Okay, now I know the bad rap that plastic gets in many cases. Now, for example, I would be very selective to which bottles I chose, I also try my best to avoid heating things up in the microwave in their plastic containers......   but my measuring cup? Don't all kinds of things come in plastic from the grocery store such as juice? I love it because its so light, convenient, and not heavy and cumbersome like the glass one.  Anyway, maybe seems silly, but just leave my measuring cup alone.

Today I made banana pancakes for Bfast. This tip came from one of my husbands good friends.  Mash up a banana and add to any pancake recipe. You may have to alter the rest of the ingredients slightly  based on the consistency, but they are so soft and yummy!  I decided to add extra bananas on top. Using real maple syrup is a must!

The 21 week post to follow soon!

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