Thursday, 5 April 2012

27 (and 1/2!) weeks

So it has been a rough few weeks, but I feel like I have improved a little bit over the last few days! I am finally able to sleep laying down with less coughing and sleep in general has been a bit better. I have actually found that sleeping on our futon is actually better on my back.  It sucks though to think of going the next few months sleeping in the den... especially with the husband not there.  We can both fit on it, but it is a little more cramped. 
Had my monthly doctors appt yesterday, and all appears excellent! I was supposed to have my glucose test, but stupid me, I had coffee a little too close to test time.  We're just reschedulling it until next month. The doctor obviously doesn't seem concerned that I have any issues there.  Heart rate is 150 and the crazy little animal is very active!  After next month I move to the every 2-3 week appointments!

So here we go....

How far along?  27 (and 1/2!) weeks

Weight gain?  About 17 lbs

Maternity clothes?  I have gotten lucky with Joe lately having some cute peasant tops that I just bought in a larger size.  Will hopefully have some luck when we are in Minneapolis next weekend shopping for some things to make me feel good!

Stretch marks?    Nope. I have started looking all the time though. Fingers crossed.

Sleep?  Slightly better because of the futon, and actually making it through the night without peeing sometimes!  I am enjoying this now because towards the end I know it will get bad!

Best moment this week?  Just knowing that I am starting to feel a bit better!

Miss anything?  Um have I mentioned how shaving is nearly impossible? 

Movement?  Um have I mentioned the crazy animal inside my belly that is doing acrobatics constantly?

Food Cravings?  Two words. Mini Eggs.  And with easter coming? They are always in my face!

Food aversions?  Nope

Labour Signs?  No, other than what I have finally decided must be the odd Braxton Hicks contractions. Totally painless, just the belly gets rock hard.

Symptoms?  I have been very sleepy the last few days, despite having been better rested than I have been in the last several weeks. Either it's because I have been sick, or because the 3rd trimester is right around the corner!  Is this the start of my energy lever decreasing?

Looking forward to?  Our trip to Minneapolis next weekend! Hello shopping!

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