Friday, 30 March 2012

The Sick

First? Let me just say OH MY GOD. I never remember being sick like this before.  Now, this hasn't been the kind of sick where you just cannot get out of bed, its WORSE! I cannot get IN bed!

I got sick somewhere in the beginning of last week. Over last weekend I thought i was getting better. Better meant develloping a terrible cough like nothing i had ever experienced.  My whole belly still feels like it is being ripped apart everytime i cough.  Then there is the sleeping. Ohhhh the sleeping. Or lack thereof.  Basically anything that resembles a reclining position is out of the question with this cough.  The den has become my sleeping quarters for the past 3 nights, (I decided to finally spare the husband the misery of sleeping next to me)  and when i am not sleeping (which is 3/4 of the night) I am planning and constructing new pillow fortresses that may allow me to sleep in a comfortable/cough free position for more than an hour at a time.  Throw in the ridiculous back pain that i have been having in general while sleeping these last few months and you have a great combination.

 Also? you really take for granted being able to take whatever cold medication/sleep medication you can when you are not pregnant.  I finally went to the doctor with the hope that she could give me something.  She prescribed me Codeine syrup. The little bottle looked so promising. Alas, it was nothing but a tease. The doctor said it should help with the cough and help to make me sleep. She also warned I would likely notice the baby get sleepy and move around less. Yeah right. since my last post it has been like a crazy little animal in there, climbing all across my belly, and having parties. The one thing I did notice from the syrup was that I got crazy dry mouth and throat.  I actually started fantasizing about swallowing olive oil to moisturize it. I'm not joking. Yeah that's not normal right?

Anyway,  I am back at work. I only took wednesday off.  Here is something else about me.  I get crazy guilty when I take a sick day.  Whenever i finally make the decision, the guilt makes me think; Am I really that sick? Can't I just suck it up?  This time however, i realized that my clients would probably be thankful that my plague and I stayed home.

I am hopeful that the end of this is in sight. I feel bad also for my little baby who is probably wondering what the heck is going on out here :(

Here, for your viewing pleasure is a photo of my sick den. Notice the skilled pillow fortress design? I will call this the Sleep-Sitting instillation. And that was done in the dark! HAH! I'm so talented.

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