Sunday, 6 May 2012

32 Weeks

Seriously only 8 more weeks to go?  For some reason, when i say 8 weeks it seems very close. When I say July 1st, it seems a bit further.  I have noticed this with telling other people as well and their reactions.  If I say July 1st, I usually get a "oh so you still have awhile to go"  kind of response. This is where I feel I get defensive (like what are you saying, I look big? I'm almost 8 months pregnant for gods sake!)  Its funny feeling defensive about it considering I sometimes feel July is a ways off too.  I guess for one, July is really getting into summer, and that feels far away, but it's really not. Also being due on the 1st psychologically makes people feel that I am further away than say, If I were to tell people June 30th. Sometimes I feel like telling people June 30th just to conduct a social experiment.  I know, I am probably thinking way too much about this, but really?  you get a bit into thinking about these kinds of things when you are having so many opinions and comments thrown your way. Like one day, I will get someone who thinks I have a big belly, then the next someone will say it's small.  Its so confusing because what are these people basing their comments and observations on?  Their own experiences and how they looked? Other people they know? What they just feel a pregnant woman should look like?   To be honest, I have been pretty happy with my belly and the way I have looked. My skin has been amazing, and i never have to worry about my pants fitting right (like getting a bit of a belly bulge because well, it's supposed to be there!)  Lately I have been having some uncomfortable days that make me feel big but again, I'm almost 8 months pregnant and I think overall I have been very lucky with this pregnancy. Still, some comments can make you feel not the greatest even when you have been feeling pretty good about yourself. Maybe blame it on lack of grace and tact, insensitivity or ignorance.  Some people should just really think before they speak.  My friend Jen says,  "The only safe thing to say to a pregnant woman is 'You look great!' "  I totally agree.

How far along? 32 Weeks

Total weight gain? 20 Lbs

Maternity clothes? For the most part, or some things in bigger sizes

Stretch marks? No

Sleep? Not great, but a bit better since getting my Snoogle

Best moment this week?  Technically it was the week before buuut since I missed the 31 week post i will just say the Snoogle purchase

Miss anything? Having more energy, being able to turn over while sleeping without it being a big ordeal

Movement? A lot of the baby stretching out now, slides, sharp pokey bits (feet, knees, elbows?) that sometimes hurt when they jab! oh and lots of hiccups!

Food cravings? Today it was a Montreal smoked meat sandwich, but I did not give in.........yet.

Food aversions? Not really

Labor signs? Still the odd Braxton Hicks

Symptoms?  Feeling a lot more pressure low down now. I don't think the baby has dropped, but I think It's head is in that area now. Its tough to sit sometimes, especially if my pants are putting to much pressure on the area.  Back pain has not been worse but comes and goes depending on what I'm doing.

Looking forward to? Hmmm a few things! Tomorrow's 32 weeks Dr. visit. After this I move to the 2-3 week visits! Our pregnancy and family dynamics pre-natal class tomorrow night and also a visit from my friend Jenelle who's in from Toronto!

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