Sunday, 14 October 2012

Latest happenings.....

Most people say that time goes by so fast when you have a baby.  In some ways I feel like just yesterday i was pregnant, but most of the time it really does feel like it's been almost 4 months.
When you have a colicky baby, you are just counting down the days until that magic month where things are supposed to get easier. Well, we're almost there, at that magic 4 months.  Have things gotten easier? in some ways.  I think you have figured you baby out a bit more to help you deal with the difficult times.  But it's like so many of my friends have said, just when you feel like you have something figured out, it changes.  Teagan is still very spitty and gassy, so, as a recommendation form her Dr., I am off dairy again.  This is so hard for me!  she is also on Prevacid which is an antacid to help control any uncomfortableness she may have due to the reflux.  I honestly have no idea if any of this is making any difference.  Her Dr said however, sometimes you just have to tackle everything at once and hope something works.  The unfortunate part is that if one does, you don't know which one!
T has also been fussy breast feeding and I'm not sure if this is due to gas or lack of supply for me.  I think that what might have happened is that since she started sleeping through the night last month (I know, I am VERY grateful!) my supply might have decreased.  She seems hungrier during the day now so I am just trying to feed her as often as possible. We went three weeks without seeing a weight gain so I am supplementing her 2 bottles a day to help with that.

Now for the positive section of this post.  Teagan is an adorable baby. My favorite part of the day is going in to get her up in the morning and she's smiling.  It's crazy because she often wakes up from naps upset, but in the morning she'll lie there for quite awhile looking around before she starts trying to get our attention.  Last month she found her hands and then forgot about them it seemed. Now it seems like she's found them again and is often trying to fit both fists in her mouth at once! hahah
She is rolling over and getting a lot stronger in her neck muscles. Hopefully in a few weeks we can break out the baby einstein activity saucer!  She is getting more vocal, no laughs yet but I think she is very close. Her favorite thing is making motor sounds and bubbles with her tongue. Here are some of the latest photos of my little peanut :)

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