Wednesday, 20 June 2012

38 1/2 weeks!

I seem to be not getting to my posts quite on time lately, but I have decided that being punctual is overrated at this point.  Its crazy to only have 10 days until my due date...and? I lost my plug today!  I don't know why but I had a weird feeling that I was going to see it today....
So I had my doctor's appt. this morning and let her know of this exciting progress (to me) only to be told.... it means absolutely nothing. :(   but.... it does mean that things are progressing and that I am likely starting to dilate.  Since women can dilate very early on however this is why it doesn't necessarily mean anything.  Dr. said "it can be today, or in a month!" WAHWAH (cue sad cartoon music)  I still think that it may mean that things are going to go down before due date...
I have been getting mild period like cramping very low down and crazy spasms in my thighs still.

In other news, I got most of the stuff on my list done! Yay!  I feel sooooo much better now.  I am still trying to make some foods to freeze but I have done quite a bit, and if I don't get around to any more, I will be ok with that.  Just have a few more things to put in the hospital bag, finish up some thank you cards and I'll be good! So baby, you can come any day now! I think I'm ready! (or as ready as i can be!)

How far along?  38 weeks + 4 days!

Total weight gain? 29 lbs. So strange, because it's been fluctuating. A week and a half ago i was at 28, then at my appt last week, at 29.  I guess its normal to change quite a bit depending on the amniotic fluid, but I am pretty happy with the weight gain overall!

Maternity clothes?  Most

Stretch marks? No!  I think it's safe to say i may be out of the woods?

Sleep? Not great, although I do feel rested when I wake up. Lots of achy muscle and hip pain if I lay one one side too long. Stretching during the night when I get up to pee helps, and also the daily quick massages my husband gives me before he heads off to work (I love him). 

Best moment this week?  Feeling like I have gotten things done and am now ready!

Miss anything?  Maybe a glass of wine, maybe being able to sleep without tossing and turning so much, but nothing major.

Movement? Has slowed down quite a bit (except last night...what was it doing? it was serious constant party in there) but still get leg, foot and knee jabs off to the side, and when I sit baby gets very squirmy low down, i guess due to the pressure of me being folded over.

Food cravings? Still ice cream sandwiches

Food aversions? Nope

Labor signs? Yes! Lost the plug (hopefully this is a sign, at least progress), low cramping, pressure on pelvic bone, thigh muscle spasms

Symptoms? Still the back pain, the shooting pains low down from baby pressing on nerves, also see above

Belly button in or out? Kinda out a bit, depends on the day though!

Wedding rings on or off? on

Looking forward to? Meeting my baby :)

Please excuse these photos... they were taken basically before bed, when I actually remembered I was overdue to take them.  Nothing glamorous about these. We'll just forget that I make my living as a hairstylist for now........

Now, I may or may not be off to make more muffins.......

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