Sunday, 6 October 2013

Oh how time flies......

Somehow blogging ended up on the bottom of my priority list. Every time i would think about doing it, it would seem like too much work and that there was something else to be done. Lame things even like playing candy crush. Stupid, addictive game! Or else I would start writing, and wouldn't finish so I would put it off till later. Anyway, I'm finally here, and doing this!  
Teagan is now 15 months and quite an amazing little creature!  It amazes me how smart she is and how she understands way more than I think she does!  She is very head strong and had started with the NO's. Yup it happened one day, and that was it.She even sometimes say it with a grimace, that I have no idea where she got it from. Maybe me? who knows! She's a little sponge.  She is so energetic, it amazes me how she can keep going without stopping! just watching her makes me tired! Anyway here are some photos from the last few months!

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